Psychic Readings

The Tarot Card Reading The specialty of the Tarot card reading will provide specific times and of events in every aspect of your life what to expect with love family or career this reading is very detailed, and after every reading advice to help you make certain changes will be provided.

The Psychic Reading will explain the past present and future surroundings of your life, people who are around you and the meaning and outcome of events. learn about loved ones and their purpose in your life. Questions about family and work are all answered with this reading.

Spiritual cleansing and healing                                 of blockages and negative energy​.

Restores luck in Home and in Career.

Specializes in reuniting loved ones.

​​​Psychic Of Wayne

The ChakraReading              is one of the best to have when one is going through a reconditioning of your life its explains all of your chakra levels and which phase of your life your chakra effected your path this reading is the best to self healing and clarification.